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It's My Thang '99

It's My Thang '99 Lyrics by Redman
It's My Thang '99 Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For It's My Thang '99 By Redman?

[Keith Murray] (DJ Clue)
Yeah, what up, yo it's Mr. Keith Murray
The Lyrical Lexicon, the matador metaphor (NEW SHIT)
Wit my niggas Redman and the EPMD, the Squadron (It's My Thing '99)
Nawsayin? One time for DJ Clue, check it out (STUPID)

Aiyyo, we got these hoes spread out like mustard
The Squad go to war like General Custard
I just lost my a-alike, and I'm takin it hard
And havin bad dreams of spooky voices and graveyards

[Erick Sermon]
First of all, I'm the E of EPMD
Rockin the Player Way like Eightball & MJG
Squadron, my click be fully armed
I got dough, my account be fat and formed

Drinkin a Beck's, all day I think about sex
Got the gaze to knock the "A" off your 'Virex
Who am I? D-O, my M-O is f*ck P-O
Luv ta F*ck Ya, f*ck ya, f*ck ya, f*ck ya

Aiyyo I detonate on impact
So niggaz better get back
The playahaters stay off the dick, P ain't wit that
The blunt, I split that, bust a four wit the kick back
No need to stress that chickenhead nigga, already hit that

[Keith Murray]
I put the pow in the wow like gun to the powder
Give the hardcore niggaz something they could be proud of
I get out of hand like I lost my arm
Decipher the head of see-cipher like Voltron

[Erick Sermon]
Who got wins? those that be hard pretend
You got skills? come here, let me tap that chin
Bing, my style ropa-dope around the ring
I'm well promoted, and don't even know Don King

Call me the Sam Cassel, shots two minute on the clock
Cops know the SL hand do well
Can tell by the nails you frail
We can battle till your girl big ass feet out them Channels

Aiyyo my brain attack this hip hop shit aggressively
My recipe, mixed wit stress and niggaz testin me
Consecutively, five golds so technically
You niggaz got a long way to go to catch the PMD

[Keith Murray]
Aiyyo we put you to the test, put it through your chest
Make a mothafucker catch a cardiac arrest
Live out the Fresh Fest, one of the best
I asked my nigga Red Alert, he said "YEESSSSS"

[Erick Sermon]
I intimidate MC's from the throwing of my vocal tone
It don't work, I show em the chrome and flash the greens
Coincide wit the red beam, and hear about it all day on Street Scene

I Welcome niggaz like Kotter to the night marauder
Pull out my gat, you'll be like "AAAGH!!" like Godfather
I hang small, but when I'm hard I'm gigantic
In fact, my big-ass dick sunk the Titanic

An MC massacre, got a click and crew ready to blast at ya
(Why these niggaz mad, P?) 'cause we the masters (CLUE!!)
We catch you niggaz wit glass, and who you gon askin
Like you gaspin, backin up while P's blastin

[Keith Murray]
I'll be like "ROOF!!" Get At Me Dog like DMX
Keith Murray pack a black tech
And I don't give a f*ck, I can't be touched
Females jump in my flow like double-dutch

[Erick Sermon]
My technique, knock niggaz off they feet (why)
I'm Ultimate, like the fuckin break beat
It's My Thing, back wit the sequel
Hold my Squad down wit the chrome desert eagle

Yo, I go back like straps, puttin Lee patch where your knee at
Puff wit mi-das, and no Civics wit the ski racks
Shut niggaz down that be tryin to win
I'll be like " Wha What What!" like I'm from CNN

So peep the Thriller of Manilla, wreck shit like Godzilla
Drink Old English, can not stand Miller
MC's cold rockin till the party's through
Then they tap me on the shoulder and say "This Bud's for you"

[DJ Clue] *echoing*
DJ Clue, The Professional, uh-huh

Who Wrote It's My Thang '99 By Redman?

Erick S Sermon, Ernesto Shaw, Keith Omar Murray, Ken Iffill, Ken Ifill, Parrish Joseff Smith, Reggie Noble

What's The Duration Of The It's My Thang '99 By Redman?

The duration of It's My Thang '99 is 3:00 minutes and seconds.

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