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Notty Headed Nigguhz

Notty Headed Nigguhz Lyrics by Redman
Notty Headed Nigguhz Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Notty Headed Nigguhz By Redman?

[Tame One]
Artifacts, check around my fuckin BLOCK, I X-Men like Cyclops
When I lift my shades up, my eyes blaze Ghetto Red Hot
But as is, my ad-libs, are more wicked than bad kids
Ask Biz if Tame leaves marks like a shit skid

[El Da Sensai]
It's the Mister, on a mission mixer of the rougher
Mix the snuff that get you up ? but no style is tougher
I dismiss crews, I bruise, snooze ya losin
Groovin provin I can do in men who went out smoother
Artifact chart, my rap gat starts to battle
Tracks be fat so who dat? Nigga I be through black

[Tame One]
I get biz on bitches, puff izz with my cousins
Tame shit so wild, honies roll they eyes like Teddy Ruxpin
I hit mad skins, then roll up bills on the reals
My skills mad ill, but chill kid, everything's real
from naps up top, down to the wrinkles in my Reeboks
I'm up late like Leno playin demos from my toolbox
My crew rocks, two blocks away from the buddha spot
I'm out but don't get it fucked up, cause I wsnt you to rock

[El Da Sensai]
I come from the slums of New Jeruz I do bums
who can't adapt no haps son, you know I close on caption
You know this, boss niggaz like Lex to Mr. Otis
You can't hold this BITCH I'm swift like a lotus


[Tame One]
Well it's the wiseguy, who never did a driveby
but I fly zones, and shine like chrome, on 7:35
I, play my Hi-Fi, volume up sky high
Talkin buddha thai, don't bother tryin to fascinate my eye
I got 20/20 like Baba Wawa on a Friday
Buy my tape, so I can put a Cruiser in my driveway
Say hi Tame, pass the dutch so I can take a puff
of Born Cypher Cypher Master, I never get enough
No curls, no braids, peasy heads still get paid
Smokin sassy-frassy, that grows free, in the Everglades
and get lit, trip up on the phone and talk some sex shit
But that's some next shit, yo peace I'm out to the exit

[El Da Sensai]
It's the funky Mister Ripper split your ass
Quick-fast, you never outlast the outcast
I'm stompin weak-ass niggaz, so ready let's go
I gas up a skit, I got the snaps on the petrol
I'm never fake I break the funk breaks I'm breakin
MC El create the styles that brothers ain't makin
To go past the end I run you over like a semi
Remember I be the guy, who's fuckin up your shit I,
be the one to call myself def in any program
Scan my battleplan before I step into a jam
I cross the major diction when fixed I'm a rap magician
You keep fishin for rhythms while I'm puffin on the ism
A Ford Explore, the rap tour, comin through ya door
One two three PEACE, I'm out for ninety-four


Who Wrote Notty Headed Nigguhz By Redman?

Todd Ray, Elliott Williams, Rahem Ross Brown

What's The Duration Of The Notty Headed Nigguhz By Redman?

The duration of Notty Headed Nigguhz is 3:28 minutes and seconds.

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