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Okay Lyrics by Redman
Okay Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Okay By Redman?

[Redman and Erick Sermon]
Live at the tunnel why'all
Big Kap and Funk Flex (look around)
Hit me back why'all, Def Squad why'all
Hold it down, look around

[Erick Sermon]
I rock house from old folks to childern
Squad comin through knockin down your building
Lyrical murderer, who you be?
We never heard of ya

Momma's boy from West Suburbia
You don't belong 'round here so what you doing
Keep persuin my crew and get ruined, screw 'em
Redman (What up?) How you feelin

Lets wheel 'em and deal 'em until the pain is peelin
I wish a few of why'all would stop stealin
>From the mass appealin, dough stacked to the ceiling
Ohhh, imagine rap attack is coming

'Cause my sayin something, I rot like Charles Dutton
E-dub be the best thing runnin
When my jam comes on DJ's just start cuttin (cha-ka cha-ka)
Rubber duckin, Jigga Jigga strip

Every name brand clothin off them T.J. Hookers
Watch how live gets, like a jungle so pack your survival kits, huh
Me and Redman been rollin for years
In the place wildlifin' doing Britney Spears

You want to ride...
Then get up get up get up get up get up get up (Okay)
Yo, you gettin drunk...
Then spit up spit up spit up spit up spit up spit up (Okay)
Yo, you gettin high...
Then smoke up smoke up smoke up smoke up smoke up smoke up (Okay)
Bitch, you want to f*ck...
Then push up push up push up push up push up push up (Okay)

Yo E stick a fork in 'em while I hit 'em again
Spit in the wind, biz with a dent on the end, I was high
T-you-V-W-X ask Why, you die with blood pourin out your da-da
You want the ri-ri-ri-ride from hardthorn, abide by your crew from a 735-i

Keep your town quiet like Biggie died
When I roll through 'cause crooked like Sticky eye
Def Squad nigga, f*ck a big name
Bury my main shit, stain, and shit change

Switch game, Bam Ba Claud, Bon voyage
Blast your entourage like Flex blastin off
Jump on while I saddle the track
Bitch I throw dick where your adam apple is at

Style like cooked crack
Wiggle my feet, I shook Shaq with a cross over pass and look back
Yo, Brick City gorilla when I stomp
Earthquakes, hurricanes will build up until dusk

Throw fishin line to a chicken a reel it up
My crew gun clappers, half of 'em pilled up
Hit the club then I ?cornbread?
I bounce so hard from a drug I brought over the counter

Uptown, say what say what now?
Bustin my gun off for the millennium touchdown
When it does, I'm out in the Bricks gettin drunk
Nuttin in the bitch mouth and her tits

Yo, you want to f*ck, then push up push up

[Funkmaster Flex]
Alright, shot out to my boy Russell Simmons (Okay)
Big shot to Leo Cohens big shot to Kevin Niles (O-o-o-o-o-kay)
Big up my man Mike Cogesville
It's goin down baby one time

F*ck Flex, Big Kap
The tunnel nigga
Shots to my man Peter Gashin
Can't f*ck with us

Who Wrote Okay By Redman?

Noble, Sermon

What's The Duration Of The Okay By Redman?

The duration of Okay is 2:55 minutes and seconds.

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