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Redman Meets Reggie Noble

Redman Meets Reggie Noble Lyrics by Redman
Redman Meets Reggie Noble Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Redman Meets Reggie Noble By Redman?

Look out! You musta got hit with some bullshit!
Yo, where at?
Smack dab across your lips, can you talk?
Ahm ahh ill uhh ahm no em no menna no vat
Yo-ye-yo Redman, what the f*ck was that?
I don't know but it's on my top lip
Don't crack jokes, and pop shit
Just get it off my top lip
Or Reggie, you can drop kid
Oah-OK be still chill, I'm gettin it off your grill
Wha-what was it?
Some of that pussy you ate this mornin from that bitch Jill
But c'mon, check it
Motherfuckin right
Let's get busy on this record
So we can make the dough
And make girls like Kiki Shepard get naked
On the strength!
Party with Machine and Oprah Winfr'
First class tickets, hotel bitches puffin mad blunts
Blunts don't don't rhyme with Oprah Winfr' troop
Who cares what rhymes with it long as the funk pump through my Benz truck
Now you know you don't own a Benz
Yes I do and chrome's the trim
Black with a system when it's hittin I'm pullin mad skins
With Olde E sittin in between my lap
And when brothers act up, a gun machine I pack
The original P-Funk, got the jewels trunk, a funker
When I'm sexin, my bad is bigger than any buster's
Like Max and
Wait wait wait, could we get on with the tape?
Lights, camera, hah, action
Welcome to Red's tape, may I take your order?
It's a slaughter if you order the hit without the water
And then swallow without the damn water to follow
You might be doin the stupid dance and win a grand at the Apollo
Whatchu know?
I'm rough, snap necks, drink Olde E, but crack Beck's
Wreck anything that's wet, when I have sex
For instance, I mix with, a style that make you shit bricks
Tsk tsk, I'm musically gifted, to rip it
Um-shat-lot, Red got crazy knots
And knots in the pots, got props from here to George Washington Bridge
I get biz, I use hats, so no kids
F*ck, I took out more suckers, than a
Hold up! I don't think I can freak the funk like that
I might have to nap, because my afro is like Shaft
Puffy, fade it quite lovely and to snuff me
Get your gang, cause I'm Fightin with more Power than Chuck D
Chuck D from Public Enemy?
Yeah he's a friend of me
The one that say "Brothers and sisters?"
Yeah but he's no kin to me
I'm strictly negro, I freak the style and there it goes
If a stitch in time saves nine, then I got shit sewed
Put pins in needles, and needles in pins
A happy man is a happy man, that, when I'm hittin skins
F*ck skins, I'm hittin puss when it's gush
Then eat it when the puss is well cooked
Up in the air?
No the cab
Who's in the cab? Whut Thee?
It's Superman! Why?
Because it's hot as a motherfucker out here

Oh word, you bet I'm gettin the f*ck out of here man
Yeah me too
Oh I forgot to tell you Willya called for you
Willya who?
Willya suck my dick!
Ayo f*ck you!

Big nose bitch!
I hate your stupid ass
You a stupid motherfucker!

Who Wrote Redman Meets Reggie Noble By Redman?

Reggie Noble

What's The Duration Of The Redman Meets Reggie Noble By Redman?

The duration of Redman Meets Reggie Noble is 2:31 minutes and seconds.

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