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Sooper Luver Interview

Sooper Luver Interview Lyrics by Redman
Sooper Luver Interview Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Sooper Luver Interview By Redman?

So Redman the whole town is just buzzing why do they call you Sooperman Luver?

I dunno, you know what I'm saying, every time I get finished hittin tha boots
with some big butt female, she start acting strange, ya know what I'm saying?

Oh Really?


That sounds very interesting

Yeah sweetheart

Umm, what,what are your plans now that your off tour?

I dunno since I'm off tour and shit I'll probably, you know
fly off to tha island somewhere and get a big stupid room with a crazy
jacuzzi and mad izzum and just lounge for a whole week
ya know what I'm saying, nothing spectacular ya know what I'm saying doing tha wild thing

Uh huh well I just happen to have my own jacuzzi

So what are you saying sweetheart?

Well, I just thought maybe

Oh my god, whoa chill chill sweetheart, slow down ya know what I'm sayin'

Who Wrote Sooper Luver Interview By Redman?

Reggie Noble

What's The Duration Of The Sooper Luver Interview By Redman?

The duration of Sooper Luver Interview is 0:52 minutes and seconds.

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