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The Weekend

The Weekend Lyrics by Redman
The Weekend Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Weekend By Redman?

[Intro: Erick Sermon]
Def Squad
Yo real
Let's make it happen
I hear voices saying that's Erick Sermon

[Verse 1: Erick Sermon]
I'm in the 500, sitting on twenties
Pumping Junior M.A.F.I.A., and B.I.G. getting money
I'm Hollywood swinging
It feels good sometimes so I zoned out and freak the funk and start singing
No Diggity, if it ain't def it ain't shit
I'm like kerosene I keep the place lit
Yo will fix the beat up
No beef read put the heat up
Yo Dave you the man now speak up

[Verse 2: Dave Hollister]
Friday, 5 o'clock time to close shop
Bounce through the hood, she was moving on the block
Cause my peeps already blowing up the box
With the 411 on the party hot spot
Hit the rest shake the 9 to 5 stress
Till about 10 and it's time to get dressed
Gonna be a whole lot of woo-haa!
Know how we do on and on
Till the early morn
Always want to kick it not now I got move on
Beats pumping gotta get my groove on
Everybody's on the floor getting down
Players on the wild trying to spread the mack around
Red alert cause the bar's on fire
Serving drinks faster than you can blink an eye
Ain't gotta worry bout working next day
The weekend's here and it's time to play

[Chorus: Dave Hollister]
This is how we roll on the weekend
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, this is how we roll
This is how we roll on the weekend [Repeat: x2]

Verse 3: Dave Hollister]
Saturday, bounce back upon the set
Shorties rolling deep looking right
Reminding me of the f I just swung her last night
Oh my god shining, talking on the phone
Check out baby in the beamer on the cell phone
Gotta put my thing down
Lock down the next round knock down for the next round
There's a run for the full-court press
Up and down bringing on the opposition stress
But it's all love this is how we do
Til the next Saturday keep it all true
Next stop speed down to the mall
Gotta get prop for the night the next player's ball
Same time different place
Parlay on Sunday for the weekend


I drop it right here

[Verse 4: Redman]
My persona strictly don't be caring like I'm Donna
the Jerse bomber, go 10 rounds with anaconda
I blow the 9 x to order me some pussy
The Bernie Mack'll get the party bumping like burdussy
Yo, yo I'm fucking your audio
Hardcore reservoir material video
And when you arguing me and my Dave Hollister and E walking
While the valet parking shit

[Chorus: x2]

Who Wrote The Weekend By Redman?

Erick S. Sermon, Teddy Blend, William Stewart, Reggie Noble

What's The Duration Of The The Weekend By Redman?

The duration of The Weekend is 3:56 minutes and seconds.

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