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What'cha Gonna Do?

What'cha Gonna Do? Lyrics by Redman
What'cha Gonna Do? Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For What'cha Gonna Do? By Redman?

I say
I can give it to you but whatcha gon do wit it,
I can give it to you but whatcha gon doo [Repeat: x 2]
Wha-wha wha-wha whaaat

[Jayo Felony]
I can give it to ya but whatcha gonna do wit it
When I'm in Texas I'm bumpin' screw music
With Big Mike and Scarface and Luke loop
Me and lil' Crook like Bo and Luke duke

When I'm in Miama I go to scoop Luke
To see the peep show and hit the duke shoot
Went to Branson, back to back, Lex coup
Up in "Harlem World" in my Timb boots

Two suckers had beef so I watched them shoot
Called up Benny Rat, copped a bullet proof
Seen T-Funk he took is to the fruit
Then he went to the Tunnell and brought down the roof

Mink coats and moet, bitches drippin sweat
Slang a cassette to Funkmaster Flex
And now I'm bumpin' on East Coast tapedecks
Went from Swatch to platinum Rolex

S.D., Jersey we getting more sex
Flow next
Go next


I'm too sexy for my motherfuckin hood, hood
I'm too sexy for my motherfuckin low ridahh [Repeat: x 2]

[Method Man]
If my niggas can't eat then why'all niggaz can't sleep
I just begun to peep Nightmare on Elm Street
Release from Jones Beach to South Beach, capeesh?
Kickin' dust as I bust, .... peace

And all them crooked cops on the beat
My niggas bring the funk like your Grandpa feet
'Til death do us part, save my bullets for the charts
With darts, like HBO watching after dark

No love for a mark, even less for a trick
That want to be like Mike, Mike who my ...
Real shit hotness
Run wit my niggas that ain't got shit

Pop shit, and peddle poetry for profit
One time, out for mine, but can't stop it
Trying to keep they hands in my pocket
So I bring obnoxious, infected lah that be toxic

Leave the crop scene spotless
Mix the green with the chocolate, here's the topic
Niggas, synchronize your watches
We're goin in, wit nothing but a clan logo

Mr. meth, (DMX!)
I'm running loco



I got a wicked flow and I'm gonna kick it yo
Feel the pressure
Snatching niggas up just like a chain off the dresser
Niggas hit me with the best shit then what

I shake that bullshit off [arf arf arf] then go ...
I've been down too long, can't a motherfucker show me nothing
Why'all .. niggas is duckin me like you owe me something
I got more homies than an esse, but lets say

I couldn't talk you wouldn't walk my way on your best day
The best way you can hope to get close to me
Is right here under my wing like you're supposed to be
The first time you start acting fuckin' strange

Best to be ducking range
Talkin' shit wearing a fuckin' chain
I break niggaz like promises
Split em' open like Thomas'

And sell more drugs than a pharmacist
Strapped wit nothing but a rhyme a long history of violent crime
Attitude that doesn't mind doing time



Who Wrote What'cha Gonna Do? By Redman?

Melvin N Adams, Kenneth N Anthony, William N Hughes, Brian N Scott, Jonathan H Smith, Vito N Tisdale, Ronald N Wilson

What's The Duration Of The What'cha Gonna Do? By Redman?

The duration of What'cha Gonna Do? is 4:30 minutes and seconds.

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