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McKenzie Brothers

McKenzie Brothers Lyrics by Rednex
McKenzie Brothers Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For McKenzie Brothers By Rednex?

- The McKenzie brothers just reached their limits. It's now mid-August and two months have passed since the new marshall Mike Monroe came to town. He'd already put Joe and Jeramiha six feet under.
They were drunk as the skunks, they were on their way back from the saloon. They passed Steve Harlow's range to wrestle some cattle. The marshall and his deputies showed up and shot 'em in the neck. The most bloody fireworks Dog Head City had ever seen. Jim, the oldest brother and head of the clan since father Judas got his head blown of in a gunfight, saddled up his horse and went in to town, just to set things straight with the marshall. On his way to town he rode past his uncle Jock's to fill him in about Joe and Jeramiha.
"Looks like the marshall wants a war and he's gonna get one", Jock said. "I'll send a message out for brother James, your uncle. Remember him? You met at the wedding when he stole your cousin Julia from the groom." Meanwhile, in town, marshall Monroe and his deputies were drinking their heads off and shootin' run away chickens to celebrate the passing of the McKenzies.
Next morning, the McKenzie clan were ready to set things straight with the marshall and his men. They sent little John into town to lure 'em out and into a trap, so they can shoot 'em dead.
John came to town, walked into the saloon, saw the marshall eatin' lunch. Baked beans, sollie belly and a tun of brew. He saw his chance to be a man, he'd always been a little boy in the clan. He wiped his sweat of his hands and said: "Hey scumbag, this town ain't big enough for the two of us. You killed my two brothers and now, it's your time to kiss the dust. Get ready to slap leather."
But before John even cleared his holster, the marshall had filled him with so much lead, it took six strong men to carry him out. Mike Monroe finished his meal, reloaded his gun, gathered his men and said: "It's time to finish the McKenzies, once and for all."

The McKenzie brothers
May Hell be your home
The McKenzie brothers
The end of your terrordome

The McKenzie brothers
May Hell be your home
The McKenzie brothers
The end of your terrordome

After the final battle,
two miles north of Dog Head City,
just where the river breaks up
in to thoose beautiful cascades
before it melts in to Rickies Lake,
the McKenzie Brothers just
captured the town.

They went to a saloon near the court,
several pigs and chickens
where occupeing the floor,
and what some dirty men did....
well, I'll leave that for others to tell.

Gouvernant Brunte and his wife Labradora-Beth
placed on stools hanging on the bar
trying to avoid the brothers
by looking in another direction.

Among the other places they took care of
- to say the least, were the bank,
the library which was burned down,
and the jailhouse was left in ruins.

The very next day
a telegram reaches the lokal post office.
It said: the U.S Cavalery is moving south
to solve the problem with the McKenzie klan.
Bountyhunters where now seen all over the town.
After having read the telegram
Jack gathered the McKenzie klan.

Next destination: The cathouse in El Paso,
we better split town immediately.
They got to cross the Mexican border.
That is their only chance to survive.
Government set out a nation wide order:
Bring the McKenzies dead or alive.

Who Wrote McKenzie Brothers By Rednex?

Anders Hellqvist, Monte Reid, Patrick Edenberg, Thomas Hegert

What's The Duration Of The McKenzie Brothers By Rednex?

The duration of McKenzie Brothers is 4:32 minutes and seconds.

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