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Don't Give up No

Don't Give up No Lyrics by Reedukay
Don't Give up No Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Don't Give up No By Reedukay?

Reedukay Kay Reedukay Beatz Boi Beatz Boi Boi
Uh uh uh (don't give up) uh uh uh
(Reedukay Reedukay Reedukay Reedukay)

I done seen it go sweet turn sour
Now it's bitter (bitter bitter bitter)
On the vice versa end, I done seen dirt turn into glitter
(Glitter) glitter (glitter) (glitter) (glitter)
Don't don't don't give up
No no (never) no (never) no (never) no
(Never) (never) (never) (never)
No, I won't no I won't give give up up
No no (never) no (never) no (never) no
(Never) no (never) (never) (never)
No I won't (no) won't (no) won't no I won't give up
No, I can't get stuck just don't
Give give up up (no) give (no) up
No no no no no
When you open up your mind (open up your mind)
Then you open up your heart (open up your heart)
Only then you'll know exactly where I started (where I started)
Joshua Shelron McGee (Joshua Shelron McGee)
He's a leader (he's a leader) not a follower (not a follower)
And I just want to let him know (and I just want to let him know)
That I'm so very proud of him (proud of him)
No no no no (aye) (no) aye aye aye (Reedukay) aye (Reedukay)

At the age of eleven to crack cocaine I was addicted (addicted)
Tryna hide it from the others
People noticed all of the symptoms (symptoms)
Fam and friends hurt
Everybody around me was afflicted (afflicted)
Late nights sleepin' in class got in trouble in an instant (instant)
And it wasn't before too long
That they put me in the system (system)
And to everybody, I knew no contact period
They kept us distant (distant)
I felt like a fish out of water just
Left me floppin' and flippin' (flippin')
I went crazy for a little bit cause it
Really just had me trippin' (trippin')
Just pulled me away from everything that I knew
In less than a minute (minute)
But for a while, they kept a brother
In the same school district (whoo)
And every adult at the school
Was lovin' the words that Reed has written (written')
Troublemaker but they know with the words
That boy was gifted (gifted)
But it wasn't always rappin'
Started with poems to be specific
And at the age of thirteen when I
Really just started spittin' (spittin')
And all I could think about was
My fam like man I miss 'em (miss 'em)
And all I could do was write on the nights
When my heart was rippin'
Had to ask the Lord why so many times why my mind conflicted
Was everything a lie nobody on my
Side man and I just couldn't get it (no)
So I took all that hurt and pain and
Through my music and started ventin' (ventin')
Now everything in my notebook how I
Felt expressed and written (written')
Only had one true friend till the
End all the rest of them just dissed me
Nobody wanted to help they just
Judged me so they can miss me (miss me)
Don't regret the fact that I did it cause it opened up my vision
To my past man, I just stay distant
Cause the present is where I'm livin'
Make smarter decisions ask God for forgiveness
His love is authentic yo soul he's defendin'
He's callin' you listen you payin' attention?
Distracted by the world and what they envision
But it's hard not to follow cause the Devil makes it so temptin'

Who Wrote Don't Give up No By Reedukay?

Joshua Shelron Mcgee

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