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Soul Searchin

Soul Searchin Lyrics by Reedukay
Soul Searchin Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Soul Searchin By Reedukay?

Yeah I see some of y'all out here soul searchin' tryna find ya selves
I just want you to know you ain't the only one
(Reedukay Beatz Boi) we gone make it through
Reedukay yeah yeah (Reedukay Beatz Boi) (Reedukay Beatz Boi)

So many thoughts racin' in my mind like NASCAR
You say you shinin' but you burnin' like a shootin' star
You followin' the ways of the world and that ain't who you are
I mean when your dad passed it really just kind of threw you off
Didn't know how to handle it time passed and now you lost
With so much on yo mind drinkin' that liquor to take it off
Smokin' on cigarettes and marijuana cough cough
Turn into somethin' stronger on meth now the pain won't stop
All that cocaine in yo veins it just feels like an IV drop
I mean at this point you really done tried it all
But you way too deep in that sea swimmin' with Jaws
You always judgin' others not lookin' at yo own flaws
You went from being on top to the bottom with the rocks
And the fam don't wanna see you
Out of the picture you've been cropped
But they still got faith in you hopin' one day you will stop
With so much goin' on all these tears, they just drop
You was on the right track wonderin' now where you fell off
Feelin' weak when you use to be stronger than an Ox yeah
It's a long road but it's longer if you gotta walk
And you kind of traded in who you are just for the gwap
You've been feelin' lonely but you ain't never alone
Cause see God been callin' waitin' on you to pick up the phone
He sayin' hello hello is anybody here?
I know you think you got nobody but I'll always be there
And I know it ain't all sunshine and rainbows
In Kansas one day it be sunny next day its tornadoes
See the sun shines another day
And I'm hopin' that you find a better way to deal with all this pain
But you only numbin' the feelin' the hurt don't go away
And it's hard yeah I know it but I'm prayin' you keep yo faith
I mean for a while you was doin' straight
Just tryna figure out in this life
Where you went astray so you can fix it
And when you get heaven-sent he opens up his gates
But it's hard with nothin' to lose no love just hate
Got nobody to keep it real with you yeah it's all fake
And your parents never taught you hard work so it's all play
Drinkin' at 9 AM when you still got the whole day
No matter how many times you lie said I know you got a full plate
I'm here to tell you this ain't the way to handle this
Road gone lead yo parents to yo funeral with candles lit
They care you just cut'em off and started actin' scandalous
Take that pain and find a different way to channel it
Whatever guard you had up tear it down and dismantle it
Don't know who I'm talkin' to the person I knew is vanishin'
If you take a look around you've noticed
The damage you've did kid

I see some of y'all out here soul searchin' tryna find ya selves
Ain't nobody perfect we all human being
I just want you to know that we all make mistakes
You ain't the only one don't worry
I promise we gone make it through
By any means necessary just keep ya faith
And don't forget somebody always got it worse
So when you get a chance to help somebody do so
Cause you might be the one that need help one day
And you never know who you gone need so treat people right
Reedukay Reedukay Beatz Boi Reedukay Beatz Boi

Who Wrote Soul Searchin By Reedukay?

Joshua Shelron Mcgee

What's The Duration Of The Soul Searchin By Reedukay?

The duration of Soul Searchin is 3:14 minutes and seconds.

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