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Falling Lyrics by Reena Bhardwaj
Falling Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Falling By Reena Bhardwaj?

Someday the wind will change
And you will see me clearly
One day these dreams of mine
Will bring me to my time

Someday I will become
What I am meant to be coming to
One day, but that's a million somedays
From today

lately the sunshine
Makes a different shape around me
Lately my music
Has a different sound to show me
Lately I ask questions of the world
But no one is listening

tell me, when I go to sleep
What will the morning bring me?

falling, falling, falling
Or am I flying?
Flying, flying, flying
Or am I falling?

Who Wrote Falling By Reena Bhardwaj?

Roy Orbison

What's The Duration Of The Falling By Reena Bhardwaj?

The duration of Falling is 4:49 minutes and seconds.

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