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Bridges Lyrics by Reflections
Bridges Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bridges By Reflections?

Tell me again how my life should be
My eyes don't see the way you see

Why does my mind play all of these tricks on me

Yes, I know now
My decisions
Have led me down this path with no escape
Your nightmares
Are only my dreams
This is home now, at least that's how it seems

Have you ever walked with one who wanders

This is forever

For so long, I've been searching for
The other half of my heart
But now I see, the other side of me
Isn't quite who I thought I was

I am so lost
Inside of my own head

Tell me
Who do you think that you are
Walking over others' bridges
Like you built them yourself

Ruined me
Took it
All away

Now stay gone

Who Wrote Bridges By Reflections?

Cameron Joseph Murray, Charles Robert Caswell, Jacob Alan Foster, Patrick Vilailack Somoulay, Putnakhone Franis Xayana

What's The Duration Of The Bridges By Reflections?

The duration of Bridges is 3:36 minutes and seconds.

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