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Pretty Face

Pretty Face Lyrics by Refused
Pretty Face Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Pretty Face By Refused?

I try to write every line with perfection
Scarred to constant remember the violence
The wound you put me trough
I never meant the pain to you

Weak one shall continue as weak one
And when it hurts, it won't be the last time
Clouded thoughts makes it harder to fly
Your pornographic dream is a lie

This pretty face

Suppose I could oppose the role that you set for me
The object you tried to make of me
But this time I will just close my eyes
Bite my lips and, and try not to cry

Point that gun at your own head
Kill this male ego dead
Constantly fueled, constantly fed
Watch this beautiful skin turn red

Your constant abuse
Your constant comments
Your constant date rapes
And constant drive

To destroy this pretty face

Who Wrote Pretty Face By Refused?

Dennis Sven Olof Lyxzen, David Sandstrom, Magnus Bjorklund, Par Hansson, Henrik Jansson

What's The Duration Of The Pretty Face By Refused?

The duration of Pretty Face is 5:30 minutes and seconds.

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