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Going Back

Going Back Lyrics by Reg Webb
Going Back Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Going Back By Reg Webb?

I`m just a fool - no disguise
I still get hurt - same old pride
But growing older - I`ve realized
There`s not a place - in my life - tonight

I ain't gonna leave this town no more
I'm sorry for the times that I did before
I'm going back to where my heart came from
I ain`t gonna leave this town again
I'm sorry for the things I did but then
I didn`t realize where I belonged

Shakin` the blues - every night
Been all alone - no surprise
Don`t you forget me - I`m so blind
I`m coming back - one more time - tonight

If these streets were empty
With nothing to see
You could take me from this town
Oh but you won`t take this town out of me

Too many years - can`t forget
So many dreams - ain`t done yet
An` all of these memories - still the same
I`m going home - and I`ll remain - unchanged


Who Wrote Going Back By Reg Webb?

John Fredrick Spinks

What's The Duration Of The Going Back By Reg Webb?

The duration of Going Back is 4:38 minutes and seconds.

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