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Hullabaloo Lyrics by Regurgitator
Hullabaloo Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hullabaloo By Regurgitator?

Well you know I got the get go
Comin up one gouroujina 3.30
Fast it's like I got a cracker up my ass
Crass educated middle middle class
Half caste one of a critical mass
Broke the old mold smashed the last cast
If you ask me don't believe the hype of the past
'cause political ties are never built to last
Seems like a motherfucker want a capitalize
Parasites on the rise with greed in their eyes
I criticise only when you fuckers despise
Lives take a dive when your dirty profits are high
Good grief could we see some debt relief
Or can you stand to watch another fucker spending belief
F*ck sake all you do is take n take n take
Maybe it's time to cut a break
I got the pantene sheen with with the colgate gleam
I mean shit.. they told me I was worth it.. legit that's all I need
I'm free to rot my teeth with coca co I utilise
The phenylalanic flow to tap the toe and rock it
Live I survive by the means I deploy
Laugh in the face of the void.. prozac.. enjoy
We're on top with the same sweatshop enterprise
We're big macking keep the fries on the side
'cause I'm like n.i.k.e get the fat free
One hell of a pimp almost get it for free
Wrappin job skills up with the childcare too
If you're poor and underage we'll come and see you
'cause I'm logo largin crash card chargin
A hard entourage for the cultural barge
Mmm.. yeah that's the sound
Roll the red rugs out 'cause we're coming round
You can listen to the mithanthric shit I be given
But I can't be guaranteein take it or leave it
Call me a hyppocrit for this I know I can't be forgiven
By product of the ego.. nomic life I be livin
I'd be fucking with you if I said I knew what to do
But before you get to swallow just remember to chew
And if it tastes like shit then spit it out.. out out out
Murdoctered that's beyond a doubt
'cause none of what you hear and even less what you're seein
Comes even close to any version of the truth worth believing
It's just a bland scam stamped with the master brand
Lambs to the slaughter
Only 'cause you do what you oughta
But if your plan is to take what you can
Watch where you stand
Hand bights the clan - fear fights on demand
And if you understand evil could be good mistook
You gotta get the f*ck up and take a look...

Who Wrote Hullabaloo By Regurgitator?

Quan Yeomans

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