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Apathetic Way to Be

Apathetic Way to Be Lyrics by Relient K
Apathetic Way to Be Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Apathetic Way to Be By Relient K?

Yeah I'm not angry, and no I'm not upset
It's taken me a while, but this is what I've learned
Emotional attachment is really not a threat
When I'm simply not concerned

The things that I take on I soon shrug off
'Cause I know no one will ever be content
With the way things are or with what they've got
So I've given up and now I'm just indifferent

You all laugh at me like I'm not happy
With anything, anytime, anywhere
And the half of me is all about apathy
And the other half just doesn't care

I must admit that all the words you spoke I hated
'Cause I don't see just how I can be motivated
Enough to break a sweat over a dying race
It seems our fate is something we've already embraced

Yeah, being apathetic's a pathetic way to be
But I don't care
What matters to you does not matter to me
'Cause I don't care

So take a wild guess it's
Like I just couldn't care less if
All the things you find impressive
Just blew up and made those messes
That you'll frantically repair
Like it's a life or death affair
And all the while you're unaware
For this you really shouldn't care
But it's so hard to see the reality
That the end will be the end of things
And our hearts are all we get to bring
So let's go ahead and make them worth something

I'm well aware that everything is a far cry from alright
I'm well aware that all of us can at times be too uptight
And possibly the remedy is a dose of apathy
You point your finger at you
I'll point mine right back at me

Who Wrote Apathetic Way to Be By Relient K?

Matthew Arnold Thiessen

What's The Duration Of The Apathetic Way to Be By Relient K?

The duration of Apathetic Way to Be is 3:21 minutes and seconds.

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