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Everything Will Be

Everything Will Be Lyrics by Relient K
Everything Will Be Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Everything Will Be By Relient K?

It smells so sweet outside today. The sun smiles down, I'm in the shade. But when today is yesterday, I sit and think about all my friends and how good they are. But I know that the memories won't go to far. I know that things won't stay the same. Lessons taught and lessons learned. Round and round the world will turn. Jesus gets us through the good and bad times. And lets us know that everything will be just fine. A year's passed since I wrote this song. It shines outside and in my life, But I know that Jesus has been there right by my side. A lot's gone right a lot's gone wrong. And I see the sun still shines. And I know that everything is gonna be just fine.

Who Wrote Everything Will Be By Relient K?

Brian Lee Pittman, Matthew Arnold Thiessen, Matthew Ryan Hoopes, Stephen Cushman

What's The Duration Of The Everything Will Be By Relient K?

The duration of Everything Will Be is 3:31 minutes and seconds.

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