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Stay Away

Stay Away Lyrics by Rooney
Stay Away Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Stay Away By Rooney?

Stay away from my friends
They're smooth operators
Looking for a way in
Stay away from me tonight
I've made other plans
And you'll just be distracting me in a good way
She doesn't know that I love her
Yes, I love her
Make a move on me, baby
I can't be the one who's always taking chances
See me down so you get down
No, you've got me all wrong
I just want to kiss your lips
And you kiss back
Leave us alone
Your friends and my friends should go far away

Who Wrote Stay Away By Rooney?

Robert Schwartzman

What's The Duration Of The Stay Away By Rooney?

The duration of Stay Away is 3:33 minutes and seconds.

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