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Starlight Lyrics by Roots Manuva
Starlight Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Starlight By Roots Manuva?

featuring Roots Manuva

[Roots Manuva]

Yes, yes.. it's about that time

for the combo combine, yes

Formin easy tuxedo grooves

Well.. well.. well well well

Well well well well!

You know what?

We scribble art, herbal verbal, love dip dot

Audio cartwheels that cart

We tootin from, holy baggy bone flow ??

Man overboard, he put he trust into jazz chord

Say me? None of them betray me

Bigger endin pay me, so I

clench my teeth and said nay

Thou shalt not cause me loss of my positivity

Of elastic band who keeps springin back

Slender kid sings for dumpling

Jump into the booth with the proof of the pain

These hand concrete owl, ten hour of sneezing

Wheezing, coughing up blood

Now I'm in the mood for peace, space and time

We sit back, relax, and recool, recline

.. and we're thinking of ..

Starlight, in her lucid skies

in her mu-sic-al, so all sublime

Yo, yo

Smack in the middle of the mayhem, we chase no checks

Thinkin we a hoe, now we hide from debts

Mr. Landlord, beg you please? Hear this plea

I'll be back in three weeks with three months in advance

on some good arty flex kind sir give me a chance

Blighty new face yes? Make a toast

to the host of the picnics

These capital hearty terrifics, some of them keep it real while

we be keep it cricket, Smythe, Smith

Peppergrain width, whackin in four fours

Smackin it for six, armchair critics be yellin out fix

Even though they know we don't spar with them

so the score ain't a dream

Place a bet and be grit, from be lose or win

It's the same damn ting, just a need for space

Peace in time, we sit back relax and cool recline

And we think of..

Starlight, starlight, in the distant skies

Sending me, sending message on starlight

We's feelin the season, that type of season where it

sit watchin breeze and, we on the backroad

in the high ?? cap, where we distress the stress

Digital funk max modes for protest

on some ill and gully horseback, whole damn mix tight

Some of them stay fair yes de mess of dem'll run for they life

Mamma time tales no lies

Diggin for treasure when it were right before my eyes

Dead end streets dem, we keepin men to mice

Pur-chase telescopes and watch the skies

Surveryin revealed, all types of healing

We love to know, so we dance on the ceiling

She sassy material, as she send nuff waves to my aerial

Make me nuff, Mueslix for cereal

And she put me in the mood for space, peace and time

We sit back relax, and recool recline

Yes, because of starlight.. yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

Who Wrote Starlight By Roots Manuva?

Silvio Hein, Harry B Smith

What's The Duration Of The Starlight By Roots Manuva?

The duration of Starlight is 5:10 minutes and seconds.

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