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Peut-être Lyrics by Rope
Peut-être Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Peut-être By Rope?

I've eaten many things but never the heart of a king
If I had to take my pound of flesh
I wouldn't know where to begin
It moves me like dogs barking
Six billion babies crying
I've never found the words to say
But never for want of trying
Could be
I know you've been smoking since before it was bad for you
These days it's a mug's game that only a mug would let himself do
The bull's left the china shop and rampages right down the street
Meanwhile, inside the shopkeeper is left with splinters and holes in his feet
Could be

Who Wrote Peut-être By Rope?

Kai Woolen-lewis

What's The Duration Of The Peut-être By Rope?

The duration of Peut-être is 7:09 minutes and seconds.

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