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The Perks of Being

The Perks of Being Lyrics by Rope
The Perks of Being Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Perks of Being By Rope?

Once blithe with spring
The summer thaw now settled in
There must be towns lovelier by far than ours
Some corner of some foreign field
Lest their eyes see more, prevent it
As was said
I say out with you vile jelly
I was angry once at how life gives and how life takes away
I missed the point then
Suppose we only ever do
Just intruders in the dust
A flag lost blowing in the wind
Lost to all but me
The Volga falls into the Caspian Sea
The lion, instead of devouring has chosen to lie down with the lamb
Millions condemned to forgiveness
The stone rolled away to leave the cave
Millions condemned and then forgave
The peacemakers shot in the face
The meek, enchained and enslaved
If I could absolve you
Your accomplice in sin
Would my absolution be valid and where would guilt begin?

Who Wrote The Perks of Being By Rope?

Kai Woolen-lewis

What's The Duration Of The The Perks of Being By Rope?

The duration of The Perks of Being is 7:52 minutes and seconds.

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