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Do Your Duty

Do Your Duty Lyrics by Rory Block
Do Your Duty Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Do Your Duty By Rory Block?

If you want to have some luck,
Give your baby your last buck.
Don't come quackin' like a duck,
Do your duty!

I heard you say you didn't love me, baby,
Yesterday at Mrs Brown's,
I don't believe a word she said,
He's the lying-est man in town, oh babe!

When I need attention at home,
I'll just call you on the telephone;
Come yourself, don't send your friend Jones,
Do your duty!

If my radiator gets too hot,
Cool it of in a lotsa spot,
Give me all the service you've got
Do your duty!

If you don't know what it's all about,
Don't stand around my house and pout;
Do you catch your man kippin' out?
Do your duty!

As you make your own bad heart,
That's the way o' life!
You bunk out, I'm sleepin' by myself,
You're too dumb to realize, oh babe!

I'm not tryin' to make you feel blue,
I'm not satisfied with the way that you do;
I've got to help you find somebody to
Do your duty!

Who Wrote Do Your Duty By Rory Block?

Wesley A. Wilson

What's The Duration Of The Do Your Duty By Rory Block?

The duration of Do Your Duty is 2:58 minutes and seconds.

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