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Hold On (Change Is Comin')

Hold On (Change Is Comin') Lyrics by Rory Block
Hold On (Change Is Comin') Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hold On (Change Is Comin') By Rory Block?

Standing on a corner
Nothing on my mind
When walked past a woman
She looked my kind

I said a hey there woman
What you got to do
She took one look at me and said baby
I`d like to be with you

Hold on
Wait a minute woman
I ain't the kind to phase
And I ain't that kind of woman, baby
So she says

She led me to a dwellin`
Just along the street
The best part of town baby
We gotta be discreet

Hold on (Hold on)
Got to the apartment
Number six sixteen
My, what a place it was
Best I've ever seen

She headed to the bedroom
Came upon the door
Wait a minute, darling
While I slip into something cool

I was getting excited
One thing on mind
When she rushed out of the bedroom
Said "You`d better hide "

She slowed me my movements
He caught me by the door
What was left on me, baby
Was landing on the floor

Hold on

Who Wrote Hold On (Change Is Comin') By Rory Block?

Levi, Jr. Seacer, Billy Steele, Willie Clarke, Clarence Reid, Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman

What's The Duration Of The Hold On (Change Is Comin') By Rory Block?

The duration of Hold On (Change Is Comin') is 5:06 minutes and seconds.

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