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Middlename Lyrics by Rory Gallagher
Middlename Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Middlename By Rory Gallagher?

Well, a hurricane is on its way across the Bible Belt
Just watch the sway of the sugar cane
Move from right to left

It could be gone when the morning comes
Should be heading west
Hang around, go in the storm
It's anybody's guess

Still can't find you, still can't find you

Well, sorrow is my middle name
And I'll tell you something else
Since you've been gone, I'm broken down
I cannot trust myself

Been hangin' 'round this lonesome town
Feelin' less and less
What is gonna happen here is anybody's guess?

Still can't find you, still can't find you
Who's gonna hide you? Yeah

Well, a Terraplane just passed my way
Won't give me a ride
Standing on the freeway, the wind is rising high

I could make out, there is no doubt
But can't leave you behind
Still, I cannot find you, no matter how I try

Still can't find you, still can't find you
What can I do? Yeah

Who Wrote Middlename By Rory Gallagher?

Rory Gallagher

What's The Duration Of The Middlename By Rory Gallagher?

The duration of Middlename is 4:15 minutes and seconds.

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