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Ohio Lyrics by Rosalind Russell
Ohio Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Ohio By Rosalind Russell?

Oh me oh my-o
Robbed at gunpoint
In Ohio

Now I'm gone
To Louisiana
With a bullet-proof bandana

I felt a little older
Child support and mortgage
On my shoulders

A nasty little high dollar habit
I'm gonna lose my arm
Before i pull out the rabbit

Had an inclination
Instead of draggin' it out
I'd a permanent vacation

But when I liined up to talk to God
I kinda didn't like the looks
Of the firing squad

Gotta a friend in Dallas
Got dirty little fingers
But his house is like a palace

He said there's something
You should know that I know
A man can make a decent living
Off of suckers in Ohio

Who Wrote Ohio By Rosalind Russell?

Patricia J. Griffin, Robert Plant

What's The Duration Of The Ohio By Rosalind Russell?

The duration of Ohio is 3:19 minutes and seconds.

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