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Shadow Lyrics by Rosetta Stone
Shadow Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Shadow By Rosetta Stone?

No more
A shade beyond remains in dust
Supernal sin breeds mistrust
Ring the false
You know it stands to reason
Guide the lost
Through this confusion

Shadow and shade for always
Lord it over

And we lay the cards
To ease our minds
To run for cover
To leave behind
Leave behind this

Beyond the age of premonition
Far from here
The afterglow of pure resplendence
In hand

Temporal virtues of forgotten lands
And nocturnal skies
Will shine for me
A blessing in your eyes

Coming events cast shadows before

Who Wrote Shadow By Rosetta Stone?

Brian Peter George Eno, Brian Eno, Peter Chilvers

What's The Duration Of The Shadow By Rosetta Stone?

The duration of Shadow is 4:25 minutes and seconds.

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