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Western Cancer

Western Cancer Lyrics by Rotten Sound
Western Cancer Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Western Cancer By Rotten Sound?

Freedom of speech cannot be heard
Freedom of thoughts in our heads
No one can keep our privacy
No one can help us to escape

We all live in this sickness, it stinks, but no complaints
Sucking our nature dry, creating a void and misery
Illusion of democracy chewed and swallowed easily
Twisted society has tricked all of us into this madness

Freedom of kids living on the streets
Freedom of men working on the fields
No one can take that away from them
No one, except for the western cancer

Turning them into arrogant bastards,
Feeding the greed of their invented needs
Disease of violence and ignorance
Killing the innocence

Who Wrote Western Cancer By Rotten Sound?

Kai Hahto, Keijo Kristian Niinimaa, Mika Petri Aalto, Toni Mikael Pihlaja

What's The Duration Of The Western Cancer By Rotten Sound?

The duration of Western Cancer is 1:22 minutes and seconds.

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