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June Afternoon [DVD][*]

June Afternoon [DVD][*] Lyrics by Roxette
June Afternoon [DVD][*] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For June Afternoon [DVD][*] By Roxette?

Didn't I tell you
Everything is possible in this dead row?
Try the river boat
The carousel
Feel the pigeons, bar-be-q
Look at all the people
Happy faces all around
Smiling, throwing kisses
Busy making lazy sounds

It's a bright June afternoon
It never gets dark, wah-wah!
Here comes the sun
Get your green green tambourine
Let's play in the park, wah-wah!
Here comes the sun
Some folks are on blankets
Slowly daydreaming and
Reaching for their food
Let's go buy an ice-cream
And a magazine with an attitude
And put on a cassette
We can pretend that youïre a star
'Cause lifeïs so very simple
Just like la-la-la

It's a bright June afternoon
There's a painter painting his masterpiece
There are some squirrels
Jumping in the trees
There's a wide-eyed boy
With a red balloon
All my life I've longed
For this afternoon

Who Wrote June Afternoon [DVD][*] By Roxette?

Per Gessle

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