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Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit]

Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] Lyrics by Selway
Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] By Selway?

Jetlag limbo can't decide
Like molten rock I turn to stone
Take me outside of myself
Do it nice and slow
Somewhere down here in the underbelly
No words are used to speak at all
Comatose from lack of sleep
Will I ever learn to talk?
Echoes scream without a sound
Mirror pond reflects no face
Shellshock avalanche
Dialed out can't be reached
No failsafe at close range

Girls and boys
Guns and noise
Beat by beat
Be the best that you can be
Best to your ability
Your future's bright and ours to take
Do exactly as we say
Step right up, sign right here
Your name in blood, have no fear

Get ready set all systems go

Good life Godlike
Wanna see it from the inside
Bound down gun shy
Looking for strange
Go on give it to me
Don't stop let me feel it
Looking for strange
Faster, Harder, More
Last chance, no return
Looking for strange

Freefall swan dive

Who Wrote Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] By Selway?

Dan Harnett, Lucia Cifarelli, Andrew John William Selway, Julain Lewis Hodgson, Lucia Mia Cifarelli, Sasch Kegel Konietzko

What's The Duration Of The Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] By Selway?

The duration of Looking for Strange [Edit] [Edit] is 3:57 minutes and seconds.

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