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WWIII [Edit]

WWIII [Edit] Lyrics by Selway
WWIII [Edit] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For WWIII [Edit] By Selway?

I declare war on the world
War in outer space
I declare war in a nutshell
War all over the place

I declare war on every government
War against all odds
I declare war on your inner sanctum
On your blood thirsty gods

I declare war on the axis of morons
All out war on complacent consent
I declare war on the war against drugs
Rape and Slaughter of the innocent

War on big brother
Warmongers and profiteers
War on your dogma Dubya
Armageddon's engineers

War in a heartbeat
I declare war on so-called civilization
World trade globalization
Organized disinformation

War on ambassadors of pretense
War on MTV and CNN
Mcdonald's Walt Disney and Bethlehem
On Christina Britney and Eminem

I declare war on the world of anti-choice
On violent unilaterality
On the amassment of murderous high-tech toys
And all crimes against humanity

War on the moral majority
On imperialism
On mindlessly bumbling stupidity
And police-state terrorism

Worldwar three - be all that you can be

Who Wrote WWIII [Edit] By Selway?

Brad Jordan, Calvin Broadus, James Anderson, Jason T Phillips, Jay Jackson, Kasseem Dean

What's The Duration Of The WWIII [Edit] By Selway?

The duration of WWIII [Edit] is 4:29 minutes and seconds.

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