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Canine Lyrics by Senses Fail
Canine Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Canine By Senses Fail?

I used to live this life like I was dead
So scared so trapped so alone in my own head
I wasted
The fire in me
I wasted
The choir in me
I was drunk in the gutter where no one could hear me scream

We are the lost
We are the damned
We are the broken the battered and banned

I finally found a way
I swallowed the only sun
And sank beneath the waves
As I burst with golden rays
I know that only love
Can resurrect and save

This life is part of a struggle
Searching for balance and truth in the rubble
The answer that you seek
Always right at your feet
If you want the proof then go dig up the grave
F*ck what you know
F*ck what you believe
I am the architect of my destiny

There is only one truth
There is a voice in you

Who Wrote Canine By Senses Fail?

Buddy James Nielsen, Daniel Trapp, Jeremy Philip Comitas, Matt Smith, Zack Roach

What's The Duration Of The Canine By Senses Fail?

The duration of Canine is 5:22 minutes and seconds.

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