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Midnight Heartache

Midnight Heartache Lyrics by September
Midnight Heartache Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Midnight Heartache By September?

I spent my waking hours thinking of you
Dream all through the night
It might be wrong that little thing you do
But it feels so right
Give me a memory to carry for life
A piece of you that's mine
'Cause when you're out of reach and out of sight
I want you on my mind

Midnight heartache
We're gonna get it out, round and round we go
Midnight heartache
We're gonna get it out, round and round till dawn

You're like the rain that soaked the barren earth
I'm your desert bloom
You are the sun, the flame that always burns
I'm your reflecting moon
You'll be the dream of summer keeping me warm
Through the winter's cold
You are the lighthouse in a raging storm
And you will save my soul

Who Wrote Midnight Heartache By September?

Jonas Von Der Burg, Jackie De Shannon, Donna Weiss, Anoo Finn Ananda Bhagavan, Niclas Von Der Burg

What's The Duration Of The Midnight Heartache By September?

The duration of Midnight Heartache is 3:46 minutes and seconds.

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