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Biotech Is Godzilla [Live]

Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] Lyrics by Sepultura
Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] By Sepultura?

Rio Summit, '92
Street people kidnapped
Hid from view
"To save the earth"
Our rulers met
Some had other
Secret plans

No... No... No... No...

Say what?

Strip-mine the Amazon
Of cells of life itself
Gold rush for genes is on
Natives get nothing

Is Godzilla

Mutations cooked in labs
Money-mad experiments
New food + medicine?
New germs + accidents!
Like Cubatao
"World's most polluted town"
Air melts your face
Deformed children all around
Ain't what's so bad
Like all technology
It's in the wrong hands

Cut-throat corporations
Don't give a damn
When lots of people die
From what they've made

Is A.I.D.S.?


Who Wrote Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] By Sepultura?

Andreas Rudolf Kisser, Eric Boucher, Igor Cavalera, Massimiliano A. Cavalera, Paulo Xisto Jr. Pinto

What's The Duration Of The Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] By Sepultura?

The duration of Biotech Is Godzilla [Live] is 2:09 minutes and seconds.

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