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Crucifixion Lyrics by Sepultura
Crucifixion Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Crucifixion By Sepultura?

We deny gods and his rule
We defy his supreme force
Crucified by the dark power
His death was a glory
Forgotten by our mind forever
He's left the churches to torment us
We'll destroy the high altar
Until we see the ashes of pain


We'll show to the world our hate
The priests will have their final torment
We'll spit on the churches, we have an ideal
Black tortures you'll feel
The mankind goes to suicide
They have faith in gods as false as their name
Christ, preacher of goodness and beauty
Gods, preachers of lies and destruction

The gods grave doors
Is below his brains
Rottenness and dirtiness go out
By a simple prayer of mercy
The reason of his death will be your blame
Your master is buried in the abyss
The dead, they already celebrate his arrival
In the altar of fallen gods, throne of his own existence

Who Wrote Crucifixion By Sepultura?

Igor Cavalera, Max Cavalera, Paulo Xisto Jr. Pinto, T. Jairo

What's The Duration Of The Crucifixion By Sepultura?

The duration of Crucifixion is 5:04 minutes and seconds.

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