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Hatred Aside

Hatred Aside Lyrics by Sepultura
Hatred Aside Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hatred Aside By Sepultura?

Explode in disorder, no matter the prize
Steps on the path the righteous do find
Try as they will but they cannot divide

Time is relentless, pushing us on
Restoring our fate, we never lost sight
Spirits evolving, flowing as one
Having no limits, all hatred aside
Try as they will but they cannot divide

To divide, to divide, to divide
Live for the sound loud to survive
My will has no bounds to keep this alive
Truth pave the way to the world that I know
Love for our brothers we'll not fail to show
Learn what we hear, see what we feel
The air that I breathe could not be more real
Spit out bitter pill that made me want to hide
Try as they will but they cannot divide

Cannot divide, cannot divide, cannot divide

Time is your enemy only if you let it be
I won't let my future get away from me
Listen, let go, out of my mind
Out of my mind, listen, let go

Need to reach, seek to find
Will not breach, cannot divide

Who Wrote Hatred Aside By Sepultura?

Andreas Rudolf Kisser, Derrick Leon Green, Igor Cavalera, Jason C. Newsted, Paulo Xisto Jr. Pinto

What's The Duration Of The Hatred Aside By Sepultura?

The duration of Hatred Aside is 5:14 minutes and seconds.

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