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Hungry Lyrics by Sepultura
Hungry Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hungry By Sepultura?

Rotting skinny corpses left alone
They're like an endless disease
Invisible, painful, eternal
Creatures fucked by a greedy past
Since you are born

You want to make money and power
A simple fuel to the corrupt
Way of mankind

Hungry for living, to live like a slave
Without knowing your master
You have no value, you're just another one
Death will quench your hunger
Hunger for confidence

To shake the hand of your best friend
And later to be betrayed
The law rules the mind of ignorance
Hungry for pleasure

You act like a robot
The tears in your eyes
As red as blood

Your pleasure is pain
Your pleasure is torture
Hunger is your pleasure
Hungry for the future

Who Wrote Hungry By Sepultura?

Igor Cavalera, Massimiliano A. Cavalera, Andreas Rudolf Kisser, Paulo Xisto Jr. Pinto

What's The Duration Of The Hungry By Sepultura?

The duration of Hungry is 4:30 minutes and seconds.

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