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Politricks Lyrics by Sepultura
Politricks Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Politricks By Sepultura?

So you want a nation?
Your very own nation
Push the machine aside
Many have tried

We have always been there
We will always be there
Making sure you need us
And feed us

We got the money
We got the power
We got the guns
We got TV

You are our livestock
We make you love it
Slave and dream for escape
But scared to death of change

Want to hear my speech?
Want to share my thoughts?
Protest! protest!

Come now
Is it worth the hassle?
Worth all your precious time?
You'll grow old, you'll give up

We farm you
We milk you
Your energy's for us to drain
Office, sweatshop, plantation, the same

I know we can survive our choice
I know we can be what we want to be
I know we can survive
I know we will survive

The only game we know
We must have more and more
Make more, take more
Control more

You are our marketplace
Not a community
No subcommandante ski-mask
Will lead you to no promised land

Want to hear my speech?
Want to share my thoughts?
Protest! protest!

Who Wrote Politricks By Sepultura?

Andreas Rudolf Kisser, Derrick Leon Green, Igor Cavalera, Jello Biafra

What's The Duration Of The Politricks By Sepultura?

The duration of Politricks is 4:14 minutes and seconds.

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