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Magnolia Lyrics by Seth Walker
Magnolia Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Magnolia By Seth Walker?

you were standing there beneath a sky of gold
when you took me in as if i was your own
like long lost lovers from another time
like honeysuckle rose wrapped on the vine

but our time had come in the blink of an eye
when we bid that last goodbye
but your melody still blows in the wind
forever calling me back again

guess i never told ya
so good to know ya

guess i was never yours guess you were never mine
that's the way it goes with love and with time
you're forever a part of me
so blow real gentle in the breeze

guess i never told ya
it was so good to know ya

Who Wrote Magnolia By Seth Walker?

Myles Weeks, Seth Van Tuyl Walker

What's The Duration Of The Magnolia By Seth Walker?

The duration of Magnolia is 2:48 minutes and seconds.

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