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Awakening Lyrics by Seven Places
Awakening Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Awakening By Seven Places?

Jesus Christ our Savior who is the propitiation, the satisfaction if you would, for our sins, and not just for our sins, but for the sins of the whole world. The blood of Jesus Christ flowed from seven places. The first place He bleed from, the blood that poured from His head that day. The blood from the thorns in His skull cleanse you from thoughts, the blood that was on His face He has covered the things that you may not want to face up to because of what you've seen or heard. Know this, the blood fl owed for you. "Yeah, but Jon, you just don't know I've backed away from the Lord, I've turned my back on him." Well they took a flagellum and they beat His back and blood flowed from His back, it reduced to hamburger meat that day, His back was beaten so brutally. And if you've turned your back on Him and walked away from Him, know this, the blood, the blood that poured from His back, cleanses you sprinkles you. "Yeah but Jon, you just don't know what I've done with these hands." Those hands were pierced, those hands were pinned to the tree, spikes driven through those hands where He bled to cleanse you and cleanse me from the stuff that we've handled that we ought not to have handled, the stuff that we've done that we ought not to have done. Hey, understand, the blood flowed from His hand. "Yeah but it's stuff that's inside of me Jon, It's just things that I feel in my gut, I have bitterness towards them, and I'm angry with her." Jesus wants you to know that blood flowed from His side when they thrust th at spear into Him when He hung on the cross. "Feet that walked where I ought not to have walked." Blood flowed from His feet too, when the spike pinned Him through the feet, to the cross of calvary. And now I realize things that I can't face up to, thoughts that I've had that are not right, not good, not true, bitterness inside of me, stuff I've touched that I ought not to touch, places I've gone where I ought not to have walked. And I look and I realize the seven-fold flowing of the blood of Christ clean ses me in every area from all sin and I'm free, and I'm forgiven, by the blood. What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Seven times perfection, Seven places, that's what He went through, for me and for you.

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What's The Duration Of The Awakening By Seven Places?

The duration of Awakening is 4:07 minutes and seconds.

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