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Suffocate Lyrics by Sevendust
Suffocate Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Suffocate By Sevendust?

Hate all the blood on my hands
And the sins that bleed from my soul
Take it all away make it go away

Stand up for being
The last one to control
(But) What you can't see is being
The last one to know

Fade into a dream
Try and save me from myself now
Save me from myself now
Fallen from the world
If I could ever breath in the
Air maybe then I wouldn't suffocate

Face all the things that were
Real to me long ago to save my
Name I never thought it would
Be such a long way to fall


Who Wrote Suffocate By Sevendust?

Butch Walker, Clint Lowery, John Connolly, La Jon Witherspoon, Morgan Rose, Vince Hornsby

What's The Duration Of The Suffocate By Sevendust?

The duration of Suffocate is 3:22 minutes and seconds.

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