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Fix Lyrics by Slash
Fix Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Fix By Slash?

More and more on and on
Yeah, can we get everybody to clap your hands
A little something like this?
Come on, say "oh-oh"
(audience: oh-oh)
(audience: scream)
Oh, sugar girl, you sexy thing
That's right
I like the way you swing, oh yeah
Always want to be your lover
Always want to be your lover
Oh, you can call me
If you need a fix or two
Girl, you know how we do
I got to get with you, all right, yeah
You can get me on the phone
And dial my number, I'll be waiting
Yes, I will, when I see you
We'll be, yeah, yeah, yeah
All I want to do is drive you crazy, girl...
That's right, oh, baby, yes
Uh-uh come on
1-If you need a fix
Let me be the one you can call
If you want a fix
And I can give you what you need, yeah
If you need a fix
Baby, you know I can give you
More and more on and on
You don't have to worry, come on
I'll be there for you, that's right
It's time for you to be my girl
Time for you to be my girl...
We've been knowing each other for some time, girl
Oh, yeah
And I don't know what I'd do without you
(repeat 1)
Teddy, jam for me, yeah
I can give it to you, baby
Get down, get down, get down, get down, down, down
Come on, come on, yeah
I can give it to you, baby
I can give it to you, get down, down, down
Take it to the priest
(repeat 1)
I can be your candy man...
Anytime you want it baby, you call..
Get down, get down
If you need a fix, say yeah
Everybody come on, clap
Just clap your hands...
(rpt 1)
If you need a fix

Who Wrote Fix By Slash?

Teddy Riley, Allen Jones, Melvin Glover, Clifton Chase, Edward Fletcher, Chauncey Hannibal, James Alexander, Larry Dodson, Michael Beard, Winston Stewart, Harvey Henderson, Markell Riley, Sylvian Robinson, Franklin Thompson, Charles Allen, Lloyd Smith

What's The Duration Of The Fix By Slash?

The duration of Fix is 4:42 minutes and seconds.

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