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Eazy Lyrics by Son Lux
Eazy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Eazy By Son Lux?

Easy, easy
Pull out your heart to make the being alone (yeah)
Easy, easy (talkin' to my younger self)
Pull out your heart to make the being alone

Dear Gerald, you're fourteen years and a truant
You're trying to find your place, and figure out where you fit
You're finna start rappin' with a kid you went to school with
But, more on that later, right now you're going through it
See, you're going to have to prove that you ain't soft and you ain't stupid
And you gon' have to scrap with some kids that you ain't cool with
You got a short temper, just be careful when you lose it
You wanna be the man, but it's gon' take some time to prove it
You'll fall in love, but she's gon' break your heart and put you through it
F*ck falling for that bullshit, you gon' fall in love with music
You're finna get arrested, almost f*ck around and lose it
Spend days in juvy standing at the window, looking through it
Nothing in life is promised, not even free-time is
So, only chase dreams, and only chase commas
Won't happen on its own, trust, trust, we've been through it

If it was easy, everyone would do it
This game is not

Easy, easy (Eazy)
Pull out your heart to make the being alone

I mean, I was fucking up
I was seventeen, I was eighteen, just doing dumb shit
My moms made me move to New Orleans and shit, I went to school down there on a scholarship
I finally got my shit together, I started taking music seriously
Then it started to kinda pop off a little bit, almost

Dear Gerald, 21, you think you've got it figured out
Got a big head from them labels trying to bring you out
'Til they passed on you, they ain't see what they was missing out
On, that flight home gave you some shit to think about
Scrambling trying to figure out, went back to the drawing board
Know they say rejection's only supposed to make you want it more
But, no lie, you contemplating quitting, walking out the door
But, what the f*ck you supposed to do? This is all you're living for
Really it was that and Dev, that was all you had
Paying rent by engineering other rappers at the pad
Barely getting by, hella broke, you was doing bad
Then "These Things Happened", you finally seen a bag
You drove down the highway, a fork in the road
A normal life with her, or going for broke?
I seen an open lane and I drove straight through it

If it was easy, everyone would do it
This game is not

Easy, easy

I literally sold all my shit
I moved out of my place in New Orleans
I was bouncing around, living out of a suitcase
Crashing on friends' couches
Living at AirBnbs, hotels
Trying to make the album
Trying to make When It's Dark Out
And take it there and be great

Dear Gerald, life changed since you dropped your second album
And Me, Myself & I just went 7x Platinum
Toured around the world, damn, you really had 'em
But now you're 27 and it's time to be a legend
Back when it all started, grinding hard on that promo tour
Tired from the night before and the night before and the night before
F*ck it, tomorrow, gotta fly some more
Don't complain, this is what you signed up for
You're working for your family, managers, agents
They all want something different from you, tell 'em all patience
But, this one's on you, the lonely quest of greatness
Been trying to be famous, been trying to be A-list
When you arrive, it will appear as if there's nothing to it
But, you planted the seeds and you grew it
There's people taking credit for success that they had nothing to do with

If it was easy, everyone would do it
This game is not

Easy, easy (Eazy)
Pull out your heart to make the being alone
Easy, easy

So now you're here
What you gon' do with it?
You know?

Yeah, uh, make no mistake, listen it's the life that I was chosen for
All I prayed for was an open door
I've been rich, I've been broke before
I've seen the floor
You try to put me in a box, I'll box out like Okafor
And f*ck being indecisive now I'm so for sure
And f*ck Trump, it's like "What the f*ck we voted for?"
And most of y'all should probably party less and focus more
And if that line resonates, you're probably who I wrote it for
Where will I go from here? "IDK"
They want me to architect Rome, in a day
Juice knew I was greatness when he looked at me
Right away, I've made platinum records that'll never see the light of day
This is what the whole world's been waiting for
The crowd's jumping, going dumb 'til they break the floor
Come take a walk inside my mind, come and take a tour
I'm really not playing, what the f*ck you take me for?

Easy, easy
Pull out your heart to make the being alone
Where, where, can I not
Pull out your heart to make the being alone

Who Wrote Eazy By Son Lux?

Dakarai Gwitira, Gerald Earl Gillum, Ryan Lott

What's The Duration Of The Eazy By Son Lux?

The duration of Eazy is 5:10 minutes and seconds.

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