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Heather Angel

Heather Angel Lyrics by Sonic Youth
Heather Angel Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Heather Angel By Sonic Youth?

Never gonna ya do it
A world below
Heather angel you are somewhere
On the show
Don't you think you would find
Where to go
I want to go dancing on the other side
I want to buy a phonograph
But the money's gone
He bought books and records
I don't care about that
I just want to be alive
And go to the other...
I don't want money or books
Have to decide
And you were shot in the name of it
And then you'd see yeh, yeh
Then you'd see
The relationship
And walking I see you in the clouds
And I fall for
I would fall for you
I would...
Goodbye, bye
And that is all
Stop stop

Who Wrote Heather Angel By Sonic Youth?

Kim Gordon, Lee M. Ranaldo, Steven Jay Shelley, Thurston Joseph Moore

What's The Duration Of The Heather Angel By Sonic Youth?

The duration of Heather Angel is 6:08 minutes and seconds.

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