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Alien Lyrics by Southpaw
Alien Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Alien By Southpaw?

I sleep on the wing
Above the rainclouds
Blown by the wind (no roots on earth)
No ground below (no ground below)
Just ruins (timeless)
Dandelion clocks (drifting)
Am I from Venus? (higher, higher)

No ocean bed, no west-wind drift
No desert sand, land or sea
No world below, blown by the wind (limbless) (homeless)
Not human
Lost in longing (lost in longing)
Never belonging (never belonging)
Am I from Venus? (higher, higher, higher)

No roots on earth (I sleep on the wing)

Nowhere I search (above the rainclouds)
No roots on earth (blown by the wind)
No ground below
Timeless (just ruins)
Drifting (dandelion clocks)
Higher, higher, higher, higher

Blown by the wind
Above the rainclouds (no roots on earth)
Evening starlight
The night's below (no lights below)
Just ruins (no ocean bed) (rootless)
Dandelion clocks (no west-wind drift) (drifting)
Am I from Venus? (higher, higher) (no desert sand)

Who Wrote Alien By Southpaw?

Jerrald K. Goldsmith, Jerry Goldsmith

What's The Duration Of The Alien By Southpaw?

The duration of Alien is 5:12 minutes and seconds.

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