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Souvenirs Lyrics by Suzy Bogguss
Souvenirs Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Souvenirs By Suzy Bogguss?

I set out like Kerouac in my
American car
Carrying a dream and a
Road map
Deep in my American heart
But where's those mountain
Where's those waves of grain
Billboards from sea to shining sea
Man it ain't the same

They got Mount Rushmore on a cup
Everybody needs one of those
For a dollar more more they'll fill it up
You can drink out of Lincoln's nose
They got the Hard Rock t-shirts,
They got Elvis,too
And sooner or later, mark my words
You know they're gonna get you
I've been searchin' for the promised land
But it's just another neon, come on
Roadside stand
Little tin toys that fall apart
That's all they got here
I come all this way to find my heart
All I get is souvenirs

Baby I believed in you,I
Thought you believed in me
I thought we had a love that's
True, not a close facsimile
Now I don't want your dimestore
Ring,turns my finger green
I don't want your dimestore love
I want the real thing

Who Wrote Souvenirs By Suzy Bogguss?

Dustin Bentall

What's The Duration Of The Souvenirs By Suzy Bogguss?

The duration of Souvenirs is 4:13 minutes and seconds.

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