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Time Lyrics by Sweet
Time Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Time By Sweet?

We are spend about life
Get around, oh where in time
Seems my mind goes like when
Good times are coming back again
People say that I'm wrong
A man can't travel back alone
I got to travel like life
What I've done wrong
I must make right

Beat my mind
See my sign
Help me find, time

Some things are thing's that I've done
For no one a reason I will be hung
I've got to go on the same
Somewhere or something I clear my name

[Chorus: x2]

Beat my mind
See my sign
Help me find time
Time, time, time, time
Time, time, time, time

Who Wrote Time By Sweet?

Ricky Ross, Cara Robinson, David Scott

What's The Duration Of The Time By Sweet?

The duration of Time is 2:36 minutes and seconds.

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