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Committed Lyrics by Swollen Members
Committed Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Committed By Swollen Members?

Chicky chick ah, we puff the stuff daily
Hey hooray bless the tray lord save me
Take one for you two for me son pay me
89 seven set and let out crazy
Cafe open 1:30 in the am
The street vigilante real do or die agent
The sworn statement, Son look how we came in
The mental patient will make you move on the pavement
Heinous gold mic assault, ill, famous, nameless
Remind me how Son Doobie reign it
Hippie hold on, more funk, Swollen kick it
Stick it til they ? party people come get with it

In the wild witching hour when the sun sets
I've learned to outrun ships of outlaws and cutthroats
Some spoke of who knows where I'll turn up
The streak from our recorded scores could torch Europe
The overhand thrust is a motion not to trust or confide in
Cause I wield the trident like Poseidon
My last slip knot hangs for shanghai surprise
The last of my crew is skeleton by design
Cannon balls crush courtyards and those courted
Those falsely supported its been duly noted
Unruly, roguish and sordid constrewn crews
I've strewn body parts, make art in the arcs of the moon

Iron magic Black Sabbath and Tabitha
Control freaks on power trips heathens and masochists
Powder electrocutes executive executes
Primal expressionist is to purify wizardry age
Withering strength and swiftness of the beast
Indulge triumphant feast the hunter moves in circles
Enter the spirit world sliced by samurai
Unphotogenic schizophrenic and camera shy
Carnivorous cretin evil cartoon character
Triple aces faces of death breath replaces
Empty spaces explicit embraces
The dream chaser lifelong commitance
Brass knuckles white fists cue ball in a sock
Mad Child rocks mohawks and tomahawks

Who Wrote Committed By Swollen Members?

Cristian Marcelo Bahamonde, Jason Vasquez, Kiley Hendriks, Shane Bunting

What's The Duration Of The Committed By Swollen Members?

The duration of Committed is 2:57 minutes and seconds.

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