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Watch This

Watch This Lyrics by Swollen Members
Watch This Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Watch This By Swollen Members?

[Mad Child]
My motorcycle reigns are flooded; I'm star-studded
You maw'fuckas not gon' be able to cut it
Listen, bitch I'm a tough act to follow
Suck my dick and here's a nut-sac to swallow
Want'a get close, personal and intimate?
Listen, kid I'm a whole different instrument
Mental, I'm not sentimental, I'm intricate
It's impossible not to get into it
My intent to vent is not innocent
I'm guilty of bein' real filthy with menacin' ways
It's time to finish ya phase
I'm proof that raw adrenaline and energy pays

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Your done your time is up
It's a brand new beat now turn it up
Swollen's been comin' up
Now watch these motherfuckers burn it up

Prevail, Prevail - baseball bat and nails
I'm a menace to society my record's for sale
We're back, back in black I'm back at it
Attack, we're takin' it back like Dead Rabbits
Wreck havoc, me and the metal metallic magic
My talent's a canister of sinister gases
Stomped like a facist, this is my advantage
My tongue's like a whip to administer lashes
Molten ashes, fire and brimstone
You need to hire me to put a name on a tombstone
You're fuckin' with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Penalties of venom and armageddon's millennium
Bringin' the hangman to measure the distance
The drop, and listen to the vertebrae pop
I'm a hurricane, pops with the speed of a cheetah
Believe in the new school cause P's one of the leaders


[Moka Only]
There ain't a thing that I can't do
Plus I act like I'm straight off the zyban too
It's just another mental burst, quench of thirst
With raw shit, makin' you say, "aww shit"
Got a need to be stable and make profit
Net cash, flip it and triple it, watch this
Plus, what good is the dough if you can't blow it?
What good is the gold if you stay below it?
Fools talk it when they ain't got it
Come out your wallet if you really ballin'
But if you 'bout it then you won't be solid
Come off it, y'all I'm off the wall
I'm on the ball, while you on the balls gettin' off
Got a whole line of products I'm addicted to
I still walk the same walk but a different shoe
It's more comfortable and my whole clique is too
Whatever's unpredictable is what we're quick to do


Who Wrote Watch This By Swollen Members?

Aaron Barker, Anthony Smith, Ron Harbin

What's The Duration Of The Watch This By Swollen Members?

The duration of Watch This is 2:53 minutes and seconds.

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