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Use Your Heart (Interlude)

Use Your Heart (Interlude) Lyrics by SWV
Use Your Heart (Interlude) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Use Your Heart (Interlude) By SWV?

You and I intertwine
Conversation for the mind
As we stare
We both seek and hope to find
Real love

Use your heart and not your eyes
(Baby, just relax and ride)
If you got time then I got time
(Yeah, yeah)
Free your thoughts
And watch them fly
Use your heart and not your eyes

I sigh
As I watch you sleeping there (sleeping there)
So easily
I did things I'd never dare (never dare)
I say to myself
I'm glad that we share
Real love
Purified, ohh


My goodness
How it seems like yesterday (yesterday)
She crossed you
Hurt you in the strongest way (strongest way)
You hurt so long
Reward come to those who cry
Real love

Just a second
I look at my watches dial
And you love me
Helpin' me like a child
As we lay
I close my eyes and I smile
At your real love


Who Wrote Use Your Heart (Interlude) By SWV?

Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams, Pharrell L Williams, Tammy Lucas

What's The Duration Of The Use Your Heart (Interlude) By SWV?

The duration of Use Your Heart (Interlude) is 1:34 minutes and seconds.

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