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Can We Go

Can We Go Lyrics by T.I.
Can We Go Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Can We Go By T.I.?

Let me sit down and tell you how this thing has really started
When I come around you act like loving you is under audit
So baby can you give me just little more (time)
Cause I'm having problem's trying to read your (mind)
I really don't know what to do with you
I was too into you now I'm through with you

Can we go
Can we go back (to where love is)
Can we go
Can we go back (to where love is)

Pretty memories coming back to me but I remember
What you said to me when you walked away the other day
Is what I remember most
Trying to get past the things you said
Holding on to all the love I thought we had
Wishing I could just replace
Trying to erase all the pain


Girl you know I can't foresee this
I want to try but I can't deny this feeling

Baby think of what you're saying
Can we try cause I won't stop believing

[Chorus: x2]

Who Wrote Can We Go By T.I.?

Carl Thomas, Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Amerie Rogers, Roosevelt Harrell Iii

What's The Duration Of The Can We Go By T.I.?

The duration of Can We Go is 3:29 minutes and seconds.

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